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The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region (ASPHER) is the key independent European organisation dedicated to strengthening the role of public health by improving education and training of public health professionals for both practice and research.

Founded in 1966, ASPHER has over 100 institutional members located throughout the Member States of the European Region of WHO. It is represented in 42 European countries, with more than 5000 academics and experts employed in its member institutions. It also has strong links with similar associations in other regions of the world, and with other European and international organisations active in the field of Public Health. 

ASPHER 40th Anniversary Book (1966-2006)

The History of ASPHER (1968-1993)
by AW Macara and T Landheer

Since the early nineties Europe is growing together again and ASPHER contributes to that under its mandate. Europe is also part of a rapidly integrating world and shares responsibility beyond continental borders.

ASPHER associate members secure the Association's visibility and representation globally.

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Deans' and Directors' Retreat hosting Annual General Assembly of ASPHER | Organised each year in a different location within the ASPHER network, the Retreat is the most important Association's membership event of the calendar year. This high level meeting of the heads of ASPHER member schools plays a significant role in discussing the current agenda whilst also planning and organising the future direction of ASPHER.

European Public Health Conference hosting Annual Forum of ASPHER | To offer to members a scientific forum for presenting their work, to provide the opportunity for young researchers/professionals to integrate with a broad public health community, and to present the Andrija Stampar Award. In 2008, ASPHER joined the effort of organising the EPH Conference that now integrates the respective annual meetings of partners involved.

Honours' Committee composed of ASPHER's Past Presidents and Andrija Stampar Medallists | To serve as a forum for discussion and advice on present and potential activities of the Association.

Resource Centre for PH Education & Training | Online community of PH schools and experts integrated within the ASPHER website serving as a platform for greater collection of the materials supporting PH education and training. It also links to the Public Health Reviews Journal which is the online, open access journal, fousing on original review works, and published on behalf of ASPHER.

Public Health Core Competences | In 2012, the 2011 edition of ASPHER's competences lists were unanimously endorsed by WHO EURO members states as basis for public health education in Europe, as expressed in WHO's European Action Plan for the Health 2020 strategy. Currently, the programme substantially contributes to ASPHER's collaboration with WHO EURO on the development of the European public health workforce.

Innovation and Good-Practice in PH Education |

Section on Continuing Professional Development 
Section on Education for Global Public Health

Doctoral Programmes and Research Capacities |
The group's vision is to create a European network in research training among ASPHER member schools, fostering exchange of doctoral students across the membership network and promoting research collaboration at postdoctoral level.

Undergraduate Programmes in Public Health |
The group aims to review best practices in PH undergraduate education in Europe, to promote collaboration between ASPHER members, support development of new programmes and generate resources on career progression for graduates.

Ethics and Values in Public Health | The group aims to develop a European Model Curriculum on Public  Health Ethics with case studies to support relevant training of public health professionals.


PHP Operating Grant Work Programmes
(FY2011, FY2012, FY2014)

Human Rights in Patients Care -
Strengthening Teaching, Research & Leadership

Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation
European Academic Global Health Alliance

System of shaping professional PH workforce
in Europe (shapePH) 

European Public Health Operation 7 - Lead

European Public Health Conference
European Health Forum Gastein

Collaboration with ECDC
Collaboration with European Observatory
Collaboration with CIHR -
Institute of Population and Public Health


European Public Health Alliance
European Public Health Association
EU Health Policy Forum
World Federation of Public Health Association

ASPHER's Guiding Principles Concerning Partnership, Sponsorship and Conflict of Interest


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